Susan Lacey, Peaceful Change Initiative

"We are a charity and engaged Andy in his capacity as Data Protection Officer to help us understand our compliance obligations with the GDPR. From the outset his advice was very valuable and he helped to guide us on a number of matters that left us sure of the areas of compliance that apply to us. As a part of the process, Andy provides ongoing reports of work covered, current status, audit conclusions and recommendations for business/ process change. We found his report to be very clear and complementary to the overall process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy for data protection services for charities, or for commercial businesses".

Claire Midwinter, TrustFord

"Andy is a highly professional individual, who is able to show a first-class understanding of compliance and in getting a project delivered. Although he has acted in senior roles, he tends to be a hands-on person and has worked very effectively in a team environment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy, he brings everything you need for a successful project."

Chris Mason, Connaught Executive

"Andy's work as a Compliance Officer is first-class. He takes a hands-on approach and has proved to be highly knowledgeable about regulation such as the GDPR, and just as importantly how to apply the regulation in a commercial environment. Andy has provided audit and compliance to a number of businesses that I am connected to and has always delivered a very high standard of work. I would highly recommend him."

Philippe Amato CDPO, Project Manager

"I have had several times the opportunity to seek advice from Andrew about the GDPR regulation and are approaching is very pragmatic and very professional. I will not hesitate to trust him for a GDPR compliance mission."