Cyber Security

ranitidine uk buy Cyber security now has to play a big part in any organisation, with cyber attacks rising at unprecedented rates. There needs to be constant and effective ways to counter them.

Cyber attackers may be either indiscriminate or highly targeted, attacking large and small organisations in both the public and private sectors. Exposing those attacks requires cyber security defences that identify the threat and counters it.

Cyber-attacks will disrupt your business at any level and cause harm to even the most resilient organisation. If you suffer a cyber-attack, you stand to lose assets, reputation and business, and potentially face regulatory fines and litigation – as well as the costs of remediation.

Effective cyber security reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and protects your organisation from the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.

Nichcom keeps your organisation's computer systems running smoothly, seeking to prevent the theft in the first place by implementing systems to block intruders from accessing and divulging proprietary data. Just as important, we assess the organisation and provide you with processes to follow in the event of a cyber attack, so that everyone in the organisation knows what to do, when and how.
In performing these duties, we will assess and mitigate risk while enhancing your system security.

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